Our Last Reality Show

The Game - the only common way for any one of us to become a millionaire! How?
By simply watching your own TV set! Ready?

Every morning the entire country awaits to play the daily episode of the new super TV game -
overall reality show with prizes of millions to win. 
Who can win them? Any TV viewer, even You! Why? How?... 
It all starts just a few hours before the main show begins -
The Game discovers the four of its TV Studio contestants. How? By TV casting of the best challengers? No!
But by a simple draw of the fortune wheel which points us to them... 
Among all the local addresses The Game lottery draw chooses the winner's one, The Winning Door. 
It may belong to any one of us! Could it be Yours at last? Yes, and no matter who You are!
You should simple be the blessed person who answered this lucky door for our TV crew! 
You could indeed be anybody – a man or a woman, young or old - 
in a second you will leave your home to take a chance of the life and
become the main player of Our Common Game! Congratulations! 
Now! In front of all Your country, You will be able to turn into a happy millionaire! 
For that You will be brought live to The Game TV Studio in the company of Your three nearest neighbours. 
You are going to play the simplest and the most exciting game of all – where anyone and every one can win. 
Even if You are not The Winning Door answered person - You still have good chance to become
wealth owner tonight! Just ever be a good neighbour for everyone! And for him!
The Game!
The four contestants are challenged to compete for a main prize - one million dollars or more -
by trying to guess what is about to happen in 16 video clips with just a simple "Yes" or "No" answer. 
Before the show these clips were filmed by The Game TV crew
somewhere around the country in a candid camera manner. 
They all show a real life situation that has happened to one of us, an ordinary person – Your countryman. 
Yes, now every one of us can be offered by The Game to turn into a millionaire! 
We all can also be caught on the game's camera everywhere around the country and become famous TV stars! 
In the TV studio each of the three neighbours waits for his own turn, as the main player plays the game alone -
he simple watches every clip till its main point. At that moment, the presenter freezes the clip
and asks whether the clip hero then did something in his life, with a simple question of - Yes or No? 
The contestant just replies... "Yes" or "No"... all before everyone gets the correct answer with a clip continuation.
If the answer is right - the player proceeds to the next question on his way to millions. 
Yes! It is really that simple! From now on each of us every day can turn into a famous millionaire! 
You will have to answer just Yes or No, what happened next?! 
"The man is smoking outside. Stop! Freeze! Will the smoker drop his cigarette butt onto the ground? Yes or No?" 
"Will this young mother in a rush, whilst pushing a baby stroller,
cross the road, when the light is still red? Freeze! Yes or No?" 
"We all see here this icy gentleman who is having a suntan at the beach. Will he turn his head to follow a cool girl who just has passed him? Freeze!... So Yes or No?"... We'll realize there are millions of riddles around us! 
The contestant should always find some clues to learn the true personality of the clip hero and reply correctly, otherwise he must leave and his neighbour - the next contestant will come up instead of him
and get his chance to continue the ride to millions as the main player. 
So the neighbours play The Game, one by one, till someone's victory reigns over the final 16th question or till every one of them makes an only mistake.  Every viewer at home not just watches the show but plays as well!
He also has a chance to win large sums of money and thus change his own destiny by playing the same game,
via SMS, live in front of his own TV set. In case all of the current neighbours fail, 
the game anyway goes on till the last 16th question -
for the viewers at home only and the first prize of The Game grows by 1 million... 
And once again the whole country waits for the next lottery draw of following four happy neighbours -
Your National heroes of tomorrow's show. 
Moreover If somebody of today's players wins a prize, that may be the one of many millions... 
Now! Be ready for the real reality show! It is about to begin! 
And every viewer in the entire country will see the drama 
when the winner decides whether to split the money prize with his teammates, 
who may also took their part of winning it, or to leave all money for himself... 
Welcome to ever last show for us all! 
Each one's life turns to be Our Common Super Big Brother Show with the prizes of millions for everybody of us all! 
A day will come and You will be that show hero! 
Just be happy, believe and wait until you are worthy to win the show of Yours! 
Each one of us should have a hope in his life and now! 
A Man! With The Game You get Your daily, real, personal, free chance in life! 
Yes! Every day You can turn into a happy millionaire!... 
It is the main rule of Our Last Reality Show!
All rights reserved.